Echo Knight 5e: How To Build And Play An Emotional

Echo knight 5e:

What is an “echo”?

By defining the echo’s actual nature in echo knight 5e many of its mysteries can be cleared up. Its a mysterious and feared frontline warrior of the Kryn dynasty. It is only what it is described as being in the features sections up top. Thus, it cannot be considered a creature. None of the advantages that come with being a creature, such as having a turn of its own or having the option to use abilities like help or hide available to it. It is not a spell, hence cannot be blocked. But after that, most of its descriptions strikingly resemble spells. 

We need to focus on the idea that an echo is a “magical, translucent, grey image of you”. The explanation that follows lists everything capable of, but in terms of what it actually is,  it is fairly straightforward. 

You can make an echo. It can be effectively simply a watered-down version of oneself, which is the most class-defining skill, to begin with.

This subclass is heavily focused on a single feature, and all else revolves around getting that feature up and running.

No restrictions on the number of usages:

Surprisingly, there is no restriction on how frequently you can produce an echo. Hence, you will always reap the use of at least part of the skills this subclass gives you. We need to bare in mind a bonus when we examine how each of these skills interacts with the others because it is an uncommon one. The Echo is quite stunning at its most basic capability level. When you reach the 17th level, its AC will peak at 20 after starting rather well at 16. 

Despite having only one hit point, it can avoid being it. Which will allow it to continue playing.  it also wears a creature Stern if it succeeds in striking its since you can immediately resurrect a creature with a bonus action on your subsequent turn. 

It cannot be restrained poisoned, blinded, or subjected to any other ailments if it is immune to all of them.

Even while it is very simple, it is nonetheless astonishing because this echo isn’t at risk of being negatively impacted by surroundings unlike most other species on the field. 

It does not even walk. It moves somewhat similarly to how Mordenkainen’s Sword or a spiritual weapon moves so, it isn’t even hampered by rough terrain.

Features of echo knight 5e:

Third Level manifest echo:

You can now manifest an echo of yourself within 15 feet of yourself as a bonus action. This echo lasts until it is destroyed. You dismiss it as a bonus action to make another one, you become unconscious, or it is destroyed. 

  • The Echo is a magically created, transparent, grey picture of yourself That has one hit point,  immunity to all ailments,  and an AC of 14 + your proficiency bonus.
  •  when forced to make a saving throw,  your echo utilizes the saving throw bonus and is the same size as you.  It also takes up the same amount of space as you do. At the end of your turn, if your echo has ever been further away from you than 30ft it is destroyed. 
 As part of your turn you can do any of the following with your echo: 
  1. Adjust the location up to 30 feet away.
  2. As a bonus action, you can switch places with the echo by moving 15 feet.
  3. Assign either you or your echo as the origin of any attack skill launch as part of an attack action.
  4. Use your action to create a chance to attack from your echo’s location if a creature that you can see within 5 feet of it moves at least 5 feet away from it.

Free incarnation:

Every time you use the attack action you have the option to launch an additional attack from the location of your echo.

Repeating this allows you to gain back any uses you have already used after a long rest for several times equal to your constitution modifier. 

 echo knight 5e at level 7:

You can see and hear through your echo as a move. You are blinded for a maximum of 10 minutes while performing this. It is possible for your echo to be up to 1000 feet distance from you and still function while it is being utilized in this manner. 

Using your reaction you can transport your echo into the path of an approaching attack against a target you can see this ability is available to Shadow martyrs of level 10. Instead of the intended target,  your echo is the target of the attack.  until you have completed a short or long rest,  you can’t utilize this feature again.

 echo knight 5e at 15th grade:

Recovery of potential:

If you don’t already have any temporary hit points when your echo is destroyed,  you can gain a number of temporary hit points equal to 2d6 + the constitution modified. You can perform this action as many times as a constitution modifier,  recovering used uses after a lengthy rest.

Echo knight 5e at 18th grade:

 League of one:

Instead of simply one echo, you can make to with the bonus action. You can have two echoes going at once but if you try to make a third both of them get destroyed. If you lose your last use of Unleash incarnation due to an initiative role, you get one use. Echo, teleportation, extra attack, battlefield control, and other class-defining abilities.


Consequently,  teleportation is brought up.  Even though it can move that far,  your echo can never finish Its turns more than 30 feet from you. 

In other words,  you start your training with the Echo 30 feet away from you after that; you can move it to its maximum distance and teleport.

It’s a sacrifice play for the echo, but since you just move 60 Feet without giving up your action, it’s of little concern.

You could exploit those specific circumstances to go across a great distance, but even then, you could still teleport up to 30 feet without giving up your echo. 

Benefits of Echo

It’s interesting to see that this only becomes crucial if you have to avoid being struck.  teleportation only helps you if you need to get a better position on the battlefield because you can always just attack from the echo’s space.

If your wizard is ready to hurl a fireball. stepping into a better position might keep you safe. It might get you to the paladin in time for a fast lay on your hands. 

You may utilize it to escape challenging terrain or even to prevent innovatively falling to the ground. (It usually won’t take much movement, but you will be in a new location). 

More attacks: 

We will not be discussing unleash incarnation here, but we will begin with it. Already attacks are most frequent for fighters. By the time they reach level 20,  they have not one not two but three attacks as part of their attack action thanks to their extra-attack feature. Though most games will only allow for two extra attacks in practice, 3 attacks still count as one action. 

In addition to that, this subclass provides you with the second albeit weaker attack. This isn’t anything to shake a stick at as you’ll most likely have a con modifier of 3 or 4. Is also coming from a different area than you, which is another bonus.

 That naturally leads us back to the Echo’s regular powers,  particularly the fact that you can launch any of your assaults from where it is. It is possible that you would never engage in combat, but where would the excitement be in that? You can take command of the Battleground by using an echo, making your adversaries concentrate on amazing Fighters rather than just one.

Echo knight 5e in general:

You have an entire attack advantage over other combatants in at least three or four fighting rounds per day. Because you are making chance attacks for all areas, your adversaries can’t go around you for more you won’t have to worry about being touched if you use teleportation appropriately 

With the BBEG, you can quickly enter and exit a fight without ever letting them touch you. 

Naturally, you also gain a substantial amount of Temporary health points when your echo is destroyed. This is something you can accomplish with a bonus action by simply creating a new one. 

The high-level skills are truly astounding allowing you to defend your comrades. At level 18 it can even create two echos.

At that point, you’re a one-fighters show who hardly requires a group to support them.

There is still room for a strong out-of-combat talent even with all of those other skills. For discussions, reconnaissance, and perhaps even combat, the echo avatar is extremely helpful. 

While there is some disagreement on this, the wording of the feature makes no mention of the fact that you can’t engage in combat while in your avatar form. If you want to engage in any combat of your own. Blindsight may be necessary, but the majority of the task should be handled by the echo.

Limitations of echo knight 5e:

I give the echo knight class my highest recommendation. Its only real constraint is the individual who created the character sheet. Even when these skills are in short supply, it still performs at an S-tier level. Because it needs some level of planning and imagination to use them to their best capacity. 

I wish shadow Martyrs could trigger more than once during each shot on long rest but that is the only other thing I can say about the echo. It’s not a restriction in any way.  To be honest, I’m asking for a little bit more than is reasonable.

Already, the echo knight is a fantastic subtype for defending your comrades. But this is when that tactic is useful. You will be utilizing you according to the most extent if you only use it as an additional location from which to strike.

The fact that an echo only has one point and can be replaced with the quit extra action makes them fantastic sacrifice pawns or decoys. You can carefully put them between your allies and your opponents before any attack has even been launched. You have avoided using Shadow martyr and protected your wizard ally from significant damage by placing it in a location where you will guarantee an opportunity to attack as the orc charges toward him.

Even if your adversaries are unaware of its right away. Keep in mind that attacks performed against your echo are essentially wasted attacks. 

How To Constant An echo knight 5e:

A basic method Is required to create an echo knight. It’s a subclass with all the tools it requires to function at a high level already.

Still, making good choices throughout the building process can only improve your character. 

Race/ Ability scores:

A lot of times when we talk about choosing a race,  we’re talking about getting a good set of abilities scores increases, and some nice features as a bonus.

Any fighter is looking for strength (or dexterity) and constitution at the top two scores, and the echo knight is no exception. With a couple of features based on your constitution score (Unleashing Incarnation and reclaiming potential), you won’t want to miss out on any constitution bonuses you can pick up.

Any feature that supports you is just going to be a bonus.
  • Mountain dwarf: +2con and +2 STR even if the features are a little lacking. This bonus is the best for any echo knight.  However, Dwarven, resilience, offers some decent poison resistance.
  • Goliath gains: +2 STR and +1 CON.  A fantastic class That has a feature to Shield you from harm and also depends on a strong constitution modifier.
  • Dhampir: Custom ASI (plus two and one, or one in three scorers). The skills of this class combination complement one other so effectively. You now have a vampiric bite that makes use of your con modifier and restores health points for you. You also have Spider Climb. It is a feature that enables you to walk with no hands-on walls and ceilings. You have a ton of amazing possibilities. Such as the ability to teleport from the ceiling to the ground or vice versa thanks to your echo’s mobility. 

 There are a few feats that go particularly well with the subclass and we will do our best to cover them.


When you take the mobile, it enhances your movement speed by 10 feet. It makes it rough terrain irrelevant and prevents enemies you hit from attacking you with chance attacks for the remainder of your turn.

You are already highly mobile thanks to your teleportation. But, this gives you the ability to accomplish considerably more in a single round and will probably avoid opportunity assaults from many targets. 

Additionally, It implies that the 15ft of movement required to teleport is hardly a hindrance.

 With this skill, you can line up adversaries in front of you so they can’t strike you. They then dash, teleport, and move about 90 Feet away in one turn. There is unquestionably a fantastic synergy at work here. 

Polish master:

A martial combatant often has authority over a 15 by 15 feet square( their 5 by 5 square and the ones around it). 

Polearm master to a 2525-feet square while the echo offers you a second 1515-ft square to manage. 

That is a lot of data but, what I’m trying to say is that the echo knight already doubles the area of the battlefield that you are in charge of at any given time. 

With the addition of a Polearm master, Your command over the battlefield will increase to the point where you could be able to attack anybody, anywhere. Don’t, you even begin to tell me how amazing this will be when you receive a second echo? 


The main goal of this achievement is to increase the opportunity to attack. Your opportunity to attach will get better thanks to the achievement. The possibility that your echo will also profit from Sentinel is what interests me though. 

 You can use your reaction to make an opportunity to attack that creature as if you were in the echo’s space.  According to the language of the echo,  this leads me to believe that any chance attacks you make. Whether from your space or your echo’s space benefit from the Sentinel. Even if they used the disengage action before attempting to flee, a large number of foes of our now are at risk of being stunned by chance attacks.  


There could be some intriguing synergy in the situation. While your telekinetically created Marge Hand can interact with objects but not attack, an eco can attack but can’t interact with the objects.

At a distance of more than 30 feet from you,  both of these disappear.

Are you grasping what I’m saying? Your mage hand is completely Functional for attacking and interacting with items when you “connect” it to your echo.

 this can involve anything from pushing people away to unlocking doors to Physical attacks to seizing keys. 

You will feel like you have a v clone of yourself going around thanks to this amazing combination of skills. 


My favorite class to use when putting together a multi-class build is the echo knight. To list all the possibilities is a little challenging because of this. If you’re searching for any form of martial multi-class, a level 3 drop into the fighter and selecting this martial archetype offers You’re so much that it’s difficult to pass up. Almost any Martial class can use battlefield control effectively.

The capacity to strike more targets increases for barbarians. When combined with the soul knife’s teleportation, teleportation can be used by rouge in some quite inventive ways to sneak around.  Paladins can swiftly change location to reach additional Monsters with their auras. Even highly mobile monks could use a duplicate of themselves to move about even more conveniently. Because they can quickly seize control of a fresh location on the battlefield for which to cast spells,  even casters benefit from this.

Can you picture a druid in a wild form attacking the battlefield while carrying a copy? I can. 

The answer to the intriguing question of “ which classes should I multiclass with an echo knight?” is therefore YES. You’ll have a character that is strong. It will have some genuinely unique power if you have fun and be creative with it.

In Conclusion:

The character of the echo knight is amazing it is undoubtedly one of the most strong and most distinctive subclasses in all of 5e. It is undoubtedly the most distinctive of the Fighter subclasses. Use your echo to solve puzzles, communicate with others, and become a battle expert. You will want to keep playing this subclass over and over again. 

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