The Magical Mouth

The Magical Mouth

Carbury’s mouth also known as the magical mouth was an illusion spell, that creates a magical mouth on an object or creature that delivers a message when an event occurs.

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DURATIONUntil Dispelled

A message that is spoken when a condition that is triggered gets satisfied is implanted inside a nearby item. Select an item that is visible to you and not worn or carried by another creature. Then, utter the message, which must be no more than 25 words long but may be spoken over a period of up to 10 minutes. Finally, decide the situation that will cause the spell to cast and send your message.

The message is then spoken in your voice and at the same volume as you uttered when a magical mouth materializes on the item in that situation. If the object you choose has a mouth or anything that resembles a mouth (for instance, the mouth of a statue), the magical mouth manifests there to make the words seem to emanate from the object’s mouth. This spell has two options: it can stay in place and keep sending its message as long as the trigger persists, or it can stop after sending its message.

The triggering condition can be as vague or specific as you like, but it must be based on events that are visible or audible within 30 feet of the object. You could tell the mouth, for instance, to speak whenever a creature moves within 30 feet of the object or whenever a silver bell sounds within 30 feet of the object.

* – (a small bit of honeycomb and jade dust worth at least 10 GP, which the spell consumes)

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