Absorb Elements 5e 2 Times to Use It &1 Time You Shouldn’t

What is an Absorb Element 5e?

Absorb Elements 5e

Absorb Elements reduces incoming damage and adds it to your next melee attack. It’s a powerful 1st level response that spells you. Damage in D&D is never just damage, and that’s one of my beloved aspects of the game. Magic and weapons can inflict various varieties of harm. The types bring so much to the universe, even if they don’t do much alone.

When you deal damage of any kind, especially elemental damage, it paints such a beautiful image. Fire damage may not always burn victims, and cold damage may not always freeze things, but when you do deal harm, it can be of any form. For me, the central selling point of immersion is the high level of careful consideration used in designing the game.

Damage types also make it possible to include various resistances and exciting consequences. The great spell “Absorb Elements” has the distinct impression of being an entirely natural consequence of the many forms of damage. Today, we are going to concentrate on perfecting this particular spell. In the next section, we will explain in detail what precisely the Absorb Elements ability does, how beneficial it is, and who is most suited to make use of it.

We will tell you everything there is to know about what Absorb Elements does, how useful it is, and who can use it best. We will tell you everything there is to know about what exactly Absorb Elements does, how useful it is, and who can make the best use of it. Suppose you stick around by the time this essay is up. In that case, you will be ready to crush any attackers that even attempt to snare you up and deal some elemental damage to you, and you will be able to do this easily. Who has the most potential to benefit from it?

Description Spell:

To prepare for your next melee assault, the spell absorbs some of the incoming energy, reducing its impact on you. Until the start of your next turn, you are immune to the triggering damage type. The spell stops after 1 round, and the target takes an additional 1d6 damage of the triggering type on your first successful melee attack on your next turn. More Advanced Stages. Using a spell slot higher than 1st Level increases the bonus damage dealt by this spell by 1d6.

When and where should you cast absorb elements 5E?

It is imperative to remember that the damage dealt by Absorb Elements is identical to the kind of damage you were experiencing before you used the ability. Although this is so easy to understand, it creates an intriguing problem. Many of the creatures they give out will have protection against the Element they are harnessing. When it talks about elementals, one of my beloved examples is a battle versus an elemental. If you are going toe to toe with a fire elemental and they touch you (yes, their attack is simply a touch), then you should not react with Absorb Elements. Why? Because fire elementals are immune to fire damage. You are encountering some opposition, but there are several different approaches you could use to accomplish your goal.

The case of fire elementals is a fairly straightforward one. I was able to compose that paragraph with complete self-assurance before verifying a stat block to make sure I had the information correct. The nature of a creature’s protections, including its resistances, immunities, and strikes, will not always be so straightforward. I won’t urge you to research every living thing and commit their protection and vulnerabilities to memory because doing so would be completely unreasonable. Before absorbing any types of damage with this spell, I strongly advise you to exercise some common sense first.

Absorbing can be used in a manner that is both effective and appropriate in a handful of different ways.

Utilizing this strategy when faced with multiple foes is one method to approach the situation. Also, I’m not referring about five different fire elementals here. An excellent illustration of this would be facing up against a magic user with some support. A classic illustration of this would be a wicked mage followed by a few cultist henchmen. While you are in the middle of a crowd of cultists, the sorcerer could fire a strong Bolt Of lightning at you from a distance. In a situation like that, the best time to use Absorb Elements is to kill a cult member while doing its job. You cannot be sure that the henchmen you are facing do not have resistance; nonetheless, the weaker the fodder, the greater the likelihood that your attack will be successful.

The second method for ensuring that this spell is cast each time correctly is to take the plunge. All the classes that can learn this spell can also have at least a few more episodes that deal with elements prepared for the day. You can assess whether or not your adversaries have resistance to your spells by performing a test on them with a period that deals fire damage.

That isn’t always the case; some DMs are sly about damage and hide all of the valuable details behind the screen. But if you roll a 14 for wear and your DM says that’s okay, that’s 7 points of damage… well, that’s a pretty colossal indication.

Even if you cannot discern your opponent’s protections, bringing a choice of spells that do different sorts of damage is a wonderful method to ensure that you will be effective in every fight you engage in. Bonus points will be granted if the test spells in question are cantrips, which can be cast an unlimited number of times without the use of up any of your available spell slots.

Can Anyone Take Absorb Elements 5E?

Several different types of spellcasters consider this spell to be a viable option for their character builds. Since it is a relatively flexible 1st-level spell, I think it is also feasible for most builds. It doesn’t take up much room on your spell list, but if used correctly, it has the potential to be rather potent. If you can use both of the effects of this spell, you should take it.

Gaining temporary resistance is the simple first step. Many personalities can profit from that. A Path of the Totem Warrior barbarian who chose the bear totem at 3rd Level is perhaps the only playable character who wouldn’t gain from it. As a result, it looks like we’re off to a good start. The next step is to engage in close-quarters combat. This is where things get specialized, with most casters opting for a ranged fighting posture. Wizards and sorcerers are particularly vulnerable when they are low in Level.

While this is useful for some spell attacks, such as melee spells, they only account for around 3% of all spells cast. So, it’s safe to assume that melee-focused spellcasters won’t benefit much from this, either. Therefore, this spell is best used by someone who is also proficient with melee weapons. Sure, casters can utilize weapons; the question is whether or not it will be the bulk of your fighting experience. As half-casters, rangers and artificers are at the top of the list. Since they are primarily characterized as a warrior, the vast majority of their attacks come from weapons, with magic used to enhance these attacks. Druids who rely extensively on the shillelagh are in a respectable third place. Just by doing that one druid cantrip, you can change your entire physique and become mostly a melee fighter.

When used with absorbing components, shillelagh can be a powerful tool for druid subclasses like a circle of spores and wildfire that don’t prioritize using wild shape for beast form. Adding more elemental spells to their repertoire makes for a dynamic, eye-catching build. There are several spells available to wizards and sorcerers that will make them feel more in control of the elements. This is only worth picking up if you have a specific strategy. That involves using Absorb Elements in conjunction with a melee spell. The eldritch knight and the arcane trickster are just two examples of multi-classed characters who might benefit significantly from the absorb components feat. Characters whose primary concentration is on martial combat typically have fewer spell slots because they rarely utilize them.

This spell is perfect for such a person because it can be adapted to circumstances like their casting. One of the few spells the character knows is ideal since it allows them to concentrate on melee fighting and only use the spell when required. They can benefit from this spell without even expending an action. They could be used to launch a devastating attack.

How Effective Is Absorb Elements 5e Version?

The spell to absorb elements is fascinating. Since it lacks significant offensive power, its primary function is to provide fast reactive resistance. Super helpful, but hard to justify casting if you have a few spell slots available. As a result, its effectiveness increases with the caster’s level. Sometimes, even more than damage, the number of available spell slots determines a spell’s overall efficiency. Knowledge of when to cast and conserve spells is crucial for every competent spell caster. “Absorb elements is used frequently as the spell. Absorb elements would have a longer duration and more significant impact in a more tolerant world. It would increase your damage output and make you resistant to harm for a short period. It may assist you to withstand one attack, but only during your turn of fighting and in this world.

This is the kind of magic you want to keep handy. You won’t be too pleased with yourself after a few turns if you use this spell every time a damage type triggers it appears on the board. This spell deals 11 damage and uses up four first-level spell slots. It is especially true at the novice level and even at the intermediate level of competition. Most of your spellcasting will be done with your lower-level spell slots. You will not use your higher-level slots for powerful spells.

However, even at the highest levels of play, 1st-level spell slots are still a resource, albeit with significantly less value. What about resistance, though? It is possible to increase the level of resistance endlessly. A 1st-level wizard will benefit just as much from resisting a specific damage type as a 20th-level wizard, especially if the opposition is a reaction. It makes Absorb Elements a fantastic option for a first-level spell for an 18th-level wizard to choose in Spell Mastery. Casting this doesn’t cost up a spell slot, so you can use it repeatedly for free resistance, even if you never use melee attacks. Higher-level casters will gain fantastic benefit. An easy resistance without surrendering a higher spell slot, even when the cost is a spell slot. Having this on your list of spells is like paying for damage insurance.

Spells Like Absorb Elements:

Each spell that deals damage deals a particular sort of damage. So that we can find the portion of this spell by randomly opening the spells section of the PHB. However, gaining resistance is more arduous. Here are some attacks that can grant you or some of your teammates this unusual benefit.

Abjuration of Third Order: Energy Shield:

This concentration spell gives a willing creature you touch resistance to one of the damage types listed in absorb elements. This effect lasts for one hour or until you end the spell.

Abjuration Level 2 Poison Resistance:

Along with other amusing poison-related effects, this grants resistance to poison damage to any willing creature you touch. Evocation of Fire, 4th Level For the next ten minutes, this spell gives you resistance to damage caused by either cold or fire. It also inflicts damage on creatures that hit you with melee attacks, 2d8 of the type of damage to which you gained resistance if any. This spell is an improved and expanded version of the absorb elements ability, but a more focused one.

Abjuration of the Aura of Life, Fourth Level:

This concentration spell creates a 30-foot radius aura focused on you that grants all non-hostile creatures resistance to necrotic damage. This resistance is only active while the period is active. They are among the more interesting (or lower leveled) ones that are available. See our post on the resistances, immunities, and vulnerabilities in 5e if you want additional information on the various types of resistances. Absorb Element is a beautiful spell. It is a powerful spell, but not every mage will find it helpful. This is true of all-powerful attacks. Take some time to plan out your actions before engaging in a fight. Think about whether there are any spells of the first Level that are more important for you to cast. In that case, seize this opportunity and get ready to withstand a great deal of damage.

And I wish you the best of luck in all your attempts.

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