Shillelagh 5e: Mechanics and Guide to Use

Describe Shillelagh 5e

The druid spell shillelagh 5e may be the most recognizable in Dungeons and Dragons. shillelagh 5e alters a wooden club or quarterstaff in addition to having a funny name. If the weapon’s damage isn’t already that high, it increases the club or quarterstaff’s damage to a d8.

The caster can use their spell casting modifier when using the weapon to attack, which is more important.

Casting Time1 bonus action
Duration1 minute
ComponentsVerbal, Somatic, Material

Description of shillelagh 5e:

The club for quarterstaff you are holding has the power of nature imbued in its wood. You may substitute your spellcasting ability for strength on attack and damage rolls made with that duration. The damage die of the weapon is changed to a d8. If the weapon isn’t already magical it also becomes so dispel expires if uric acid or release the weapon.

Damage, bludgeoning, cantrip, transmutation.

Number of targets: 1

Die type: d8

Materials required: A club or a quarterstaff, mistletoe, and a leaf from a shamrock

Level: Druid(1), Bard(10, magical secrets)

Save: None 

Number of dice: 1

Damage on successful save: N/A

Statuses Duration: 1 minute 

Damage type: bludgeoning

Statuses inflicted: Your spellcasting modifier is applied to a tax made with the effective weapon, and its damage diet changes to a d8.

Advantage: No

Affected by cover: None 

Disadvantage: None

 Who can cast Shillelagh 

shillelagh 5e is a cantrip for druids. By the time they reach level 10 all bards have access to the magic of Secrets feature which allows them to cast the spell.

When and where should Shillelagh be cast? 

Shillelagh is a great damaging spell for casting early. Shillelagh 5e has the highest early level damage among all of the druid’s cantrips, through primal savagery Eventually skills it when the two cantrips receive their first upgrade at level 5.

 How should I take Shillelagh? 

What’s not to love about doing significant damage while also getting a sport a look and shouting “Shillelagh”?

Other options for shillelagh 5e include:

  • Primal savagery 

The most popular questions about shillelagh 5e

Is Shillelagh a magic-based attack?

No, Shillelagh bestows druidic magic on a weapon, enabling it to be used as a weapon of attack. 

Is Shillelagh an attack with a melee weapon?

No, Shillelagh itself is not a form of assault.

Shillelagh–is it a magical weapon?

A weapon fused with is regarded as magical. 

Is there a bonus for Shillelagh’s spell attack?

No, Shillelagh does not qualify as a spell attack and doesn’t benefit from the bonus for a spell attack.

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