Mind Flayer 5e: Illithid Psionic Secrets Uncovered

Mind Flayer 5e: A  Dungeon Master’s Guide:

Mind Flayer 5e   If they can, the mind flayer 5e race is a collection of being who would like a parley. They aren’t technical as pacifists, but they don’t want to be in danger. They would rather reach an amicable agreement that would benefit both parties and prevent a violent confrontation. Mind flayer will run away from resistance rather than engage in a pointless struggle. Because they can know and feel what the target did before them. Mind flayers may be useful friends due to their extensive knowledge and experience. Given that everyone in the collective has a connected mind and can easily ask around for information this fast body of knowledge is shared among everyone. Like a subindex, a Mind Flayer may be an excellent counselor for information trading. Prices for a mind flayer won’t be as straightforward as for a sibirex though. Sibirexes might be seduced by bright, valuable things, more information, or even aid with tasks. Mind flayers are difficult to satisfy. In other words, they want something practical like slaves that say can breed like livestock in order to consume their brains and transform them into more mind flayers.

The coins serve no purpose as mind flayers but humanoids’ bodies and brains are useful to them.

Mind flayers do not often fight alone. They will do anything to defend their collective as a hivemind. When a mind flayer jeopardy, it may summon its pals, and they will almost definitely creatures Even in the absence of other Mind Flayers, the majority of them have their own group of thralls, ogres,  troglodytes, and other creatures under their command. These animals will battle until death for their owners. Sacrifices mere slaves to flayer, and lack all autonomy. Because it lacks compassion for them as well the favorite carelessly sacrifices their lives in order to survive. It takes significant skill and forethought to incorporate a mind flayer and combat. They are not at all lonely creatures, as previously mentioned and an ordinary party cannot realistically expect to eliminate an entire colony of Mind Flayers by themselves. There are some lone Mind Flayers, though not all of them. Attacking a party will be motivated by a rogue Mind Flayer who has been shunned by Mind Flayer society. When residing in a colony, everyone contributes to the provision of the basics. Since this, mind flayer is a lone wolf, it must go on the quest for food. A Mind Flayer with a colony may have slaves that they have bread to eat. Mind Flayer without a colony, on the other hand, may attack players out of pure hunger. It’s not quite playable to buy the brains of sentient beings at Walmart. This mind flayer might act irrationally in an effort to feed themselves. Lawful evil, medium Aberration

Intelligence 19(+4)
Hit points:  71(13d8+13) Speed: 30ft Armor: 15(Breastplate) Skills: Arcana+7, perception+6, deception+6, persuasion+stealth+4. Saving Throws: INT +7, WIS +6, and CHA+6. Senses: Dark vision 120ft. Passive perception 16. Languages: Deep speech, Telepathy 120ft under common. Proficiency: +3

Challenge: 7(29 ,00 XP) Resistance to magic:

Mind Flayers have the advantage when they make a saving throw against spells and other magical effects. Mind Flayers are advantaged

Casting spells nimbly (Psionics).

The following spells are unusable by the Mind Flayers and don’t require resources. Intelligence is their modality (Spell save dc15). At will, one can levitate, and sense thoughts. Dominate monster and plane shift. One day (self only)



The Mind Flayer swings a melee weapon at a single target dealing 15 0R 2d10 + 4 psychic damage with a +7 to hit and a 5-foot range. Medium and smaller targets must pass a DC 15 intelligence saving throw in order to avoid getting trapped. Animals in a grapple remain shocked until the struggle is over (escape DC 15).

Remove the brain:

A creature caught in the grasp of the mind flayer is attacked with a melee weapon(+7 to hit, 5ft reach, 55 or 10d10a  piercing damage). The Mind Flayer extracts and eats the target’s brain if it’s dead.

Brain Blast (Recharge 5-6):

A Mind Flayer releases a 60-foot cone of psychic energy. The area’s inhabitants must each make a successful DC 15 intelligence saving in order to avoid taking (4d8 +4) mental damage and being stunned for a minute. Animals that have been stunned can try again to successfully neglect the effect.

What do mind flayer 5e do?

Illithids, aka mind Flayer, are psionic aberrations that are roughly the same size as humans but don’t resemble them at all. They are different from us for a good reason—However, they enjoy munching on our brains. A Mind Flayer that has been properly nourished on a diet of the brain will be covered with a thin layer of mucus and will resemble a purplish humaniode with a squid on its face. I know it’s charming. Given that they live off human brains and propensity for dictatorial enslavement of sensitive beings.

“A scourge of sentience”

When eating its prey brain, Mind Flayers feel euphoria. This may give them access to all the information and memories that were originally stored in the hormones, enzymes, brain, and psychic ability. In the past, the Mind Flayer used to rule huge empires throughout the multiverse. They were strong because of their shared consciousness as a hivemind. They didn’t have to leave their existing location to make a grant scheme that would affect the entire cosmos. Mind Flayers rules other sentient species. They would twist them into bizarre forms. Among the numerous races impacted by the Mind Flayers are the Grimlocks and Kuo-Toa. These people were previously the slaves of the Mind Flayer, living only to defend and feed their masters. After their empires actually crumbled, the Mind Flayers were exiled into the depths of the Underdark, where they still exist today. Psionic commanders were known as Mind Flayer representations of humanoids like Grimlocks, and orges by use of their psychic powers. When under their command, creatures behave as a physical representation of the  Mind Flayers themselves. To avoid direct conflict,  Mind Flayer prefer to send their thralls to pursue a threat before running away to safety.  If necessary, they will only engage in combat.

What does a mind flayer 5e think? A look inside

Mind flayer ruthlessly conceited creatures infect think that other life forms are inferior to them. One of the three things—food to be eaten, servants to do the bidding, or vessels to infect with the Mind Flayer virus. This is how one perceives other living things. To an extreme degree, they are chilly, logical, and pragmatic. Outsiders may perceive Mind Flayer as emotionless and tranquil, tyrants actually experience a wide range of emotions, and they do so quite strongly. Even though they appear to be oppressive, calm tyrants Mind Flayer’s emotions can cause them to behave strangely.

In terms of cruelty and sadism

Mind Flayers are unrivaled. They are utterly terrible beings that don’t give a damn about the suffering they inflict on other living things. They are deeply skeptical of others, and paranoid despite this. Mind flayers have been haunt exist very long time so survival and hiding are their top priorities. Mind flayers are people with their own ideas and feelings, yet exist as a hivemind. There is no such thing as an exact mind flayer. The experiences of the creatures the mind flayer consumes as well as their own experience have an impact on their emotions and ideas. In mind flayer civilization order has a high value. The Mind flayer however is a fiercely competitive animal who occasionally could be reluctant to function as a team aside. However, because of their extraordinary intelligence, they’re able to recognize that in order to succeed they must set the differences aside for what they perceive to be “the greater good” which ultimately served to improve their civilization.

Thought Flayer society:

The word “society” is loaded when we refer to Mind Flayer. They reside in sibling Mind Flayer hivemind colonies that are dedicated to an elder brain, which is made up of all the community’s deceased mind flayer’s brains. All the mind flayers in a specific colony mind flayer the telepathic control of the elder brain. In a 5-mile circle around it, the elder brain mentally conveys its desires to each mind flayer in turn. It can engage in numerous discussions at once and communicate with different mind players in its own unique way mind flayers like their elder’s brain prefer telepathic communication but can talk rarely the elder brain which is located in a salty pool, is in close proximity to the colony’s residential areas. Mind flayers almost never see themselves. A Mind Flayer will, at best, be flanked by two slaves who will carry out all of their orders. Orgres, troglodytes, Grimlocks, and other races that the Mind Flayer deem “inedible” are among the mind-slaved races. In Mind Flayer colonies, slave populations are by far greater than Mind Flayer populations. There was less than 5000 mind flayer among the population of oryndoll, an illithid city, which had a population of roughly 24000. Mind flayers who are rouge and independent are exceptional, at best. It is not feasible to dissociate from the race as a whole because of its collective awareness. 

Rebellious Illithids:

Despite the fact that mind flayers are a hivemind race, if they manage to escape their elder brain’s grasp for a long enough period of time, they can reclaim their free will. These “renegade Illithids” may go on to form Elder’s own colonies or look for racial allies and friendships. However if the rebel illithid were to once again come under the rule of an Elder’s brain, all of these modifications would be worthless.

Reproduction of mind flayer:

Reproduction of mind flayer is quite horrific. S*xless mind Flayer lack even the appearances of conceptual male or femaleness. A mind flayer will produce a clutch of eggs that will develop into tadpoles once a tadpole’s lifetime. These tadpoles would be housed in their elder brain’s tank which the elder brain feeds on. The caregivers feed the tadpole’s brains, and if they run out of brains to eat, they would turn to cannibalism to stay alive. Tadpoles will create next generation of the mind flayer. They will live on for around 10 years. Ceremorphisis, often known as the alteration of the brain is the method used by mind flayers to reproduce. First, a tadpole from a mind flayer infects a humanoid species. The humanoid is eventually turned into a mind flayer as a result of the tadpole consuming their brain. The change can be resisted by some creatures, and a select few can even reject it. Not all humanoids are deemed suitable for tadpoles on the plantation. Most ineligible people are enslaved rather than eaten or changed.

Names of mind flayer 5e:

The words, ideas, and images that make up a mind flayer’s moniker can be used to distinguish them from other members of the community. These names cannot be translated into a common language since they are just too complicated. Some mind flayers would change their names to the ones that were simpler to say for the benefit of their thralls or as a  psychological strategy to terrorize their opponent.

An overview of mind flayer 5e hunting for players:

Players need to exercise caution when dealing with a mind flayer. A mind flayer seeking a fight is doing it for a reason because they do not want to fight. The burst damage that mind flayer can do to a single target, and an area of effect is astounding. They pose a serious threat to any creature within melee range due to their propensity to render their targets immobile. The grapple of the mind flayer is substantial harm. The Mind Flayer is a somewhat delicate creature. The key is to get inside and destroy the mind player before it can pelt you with hellfire. Players will want t stop to the battle as quickly as they can if they are up against a Mind flayer. Long-lasting battles where mind flayers can use that tentacle, and mind blast attacks to shock their opponents are beneficial for them. It will be simple to kill a mind flayer, the quicker the battle is over.

Damage breakdown for the mind flayer 5e:

Mind flayers have three harmful techniques. Their extract brain (55 damage on average), mind blast, and tentacles deal an average of 15 damage each (22 damage average). They can stun targets with both mind blasts, and their tentacles. This skill selection combines great control skills with high burst damage in a highly devastating way. Don’t forget that mind flayers are not the main casters. They have a deceptively low spell save DC because they can’t use the dominate monster on players, and it doesn’t matter for anything else. Because intelligence is a dump stat for most classes in  5E, their low DC made up for it. Even if a barbarian has their maximum hit point pool at 7th level. mind flayer will still pose a threat to them because the deal around [(38 22*2)+ 15+5)\3]damage per round (144). Due to the fact that two average extract brain hits can almost instantly kill a barbarian, even one grapell is practically fatal. A mind flayer can kill a wizard in two rounds, a cleric in three rounds, and a barbarian in four rounds; assuming the characters are at the 7th level and thus roughly equal with it. In order to prevent anyone’s brains from becoming a nutritious breakfast, it is imperative for participants to start and fight as quickly as they can.

The playable race of the mind flayer 5e:

No approved sourcebook presently allows mind flayer to be a playable race. These beings are humonides whose bodies refused to undergo ceremorphisis. It leaves them in a mixed state. Players can control characters who have been contaminated by Mind Flayer tadpoles in Baldur’s Gate III, a video game setting in dungeons of dragons. They are initially able to fight the change, but how long will they be able to do so, and at what cost? It’s possible that Mind Flayers will one day be a playable race.  Illithids’ Baldur’s gate’s inclusion of Mind Flayer ceremorphisis is at least a hopeful development but I would not get my hopes up just yet. Illihid inclusion as a playable race would be perilous for both players and GMs. This is due to the possibility of a rouge Illithid being brought back under the influence of an Elder’s brain.

In conclusion:

The Mind Flayers offer a fascinating glimpse into the nature of icy, ruthless evil. Because they have such simple morals, most people find their behavior, beliefs, and society wholly objectionable. They make excellent flat villains. There are a variety of creative ways to include these Eldritch horrors, whether your Mind Flayer is tyrannical, antagonists, or sadistic advisors. Happy hunting!

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