The Gloom Stalker dnd 5e Ranger Handbook

The gloom stalker dnd 5e  is very famous because it offers so many amazing features without making you uncomfortable.

Gloom stalker dnd 5e  is a very well-liked subclass. It takes the Ranger’s already-existing skill set and expands it into a terrifying damage monster while also enhancing some of the fundamental elements like stealth and utility. Although it is easy to believe that the classification is only useful for playing in its destined home underworld, a large percentage of the features function well enough in broad daylight, – this means that the subclass is very effective indeed if you genuinely can perform your thing in the lack of light.

Terms and Conditions:

The color coding scheme used by RPGBOT is straightforward to comprehend and able to be read at a glance. It’s become popular among Pathfinder build guidebooks.

Options in red are poor, meaningless, or highly positional. rarely beneficial.

Orange: Satisfactory or workable options which only are used now and then. useful at an event.

Green: Reliable choices. usually beneficial

Blue: Excellent choices that are frequently necessary for your character’s function. useful a lot of the time.

We won’t also provide content from third-party companies, such as the DMs Guild, in manuals for official information because we can’t ensure that your game will permit using it or third-party content. Because it has not been completed and we can’t promise that you’ll be able to see it in your games, we also can’t tolerate the material of Unearthed Arcana.

Gloom stalker dnd 5e Characteristics:

Gloom stalker dnd 5e Miracles: Four such spells are reasonably effective, and one of them is only accessible to wizards and artisans. Then it was up to you to determine how much you would like an additional pocket for a short nap. Because Subtle Self and Fear are involved with your spell save DC, which won’t be as decent as a committed caster, this is merely not rated higher.


Casual Factors


A good way to sleep peacefully that is normally reserved for wizards and artificers. Ranger spell slots seem to be scarce, but even so, employing one of them to take a quick rest safely would just be expensive for the Ranger. Attempt to avoid requiring this.


You should keep this spell for clashes with lots of weaker teams because it’s highly improbable that you’ll have enough knowledge to make any spell that needs a saving throw dependably.

Remarkable on any stealthy character at the 13th level. Preferably, you won’t ever have to get this as you have Umbral Sight to depend on, but if your enemies pull out a flame, you can cast Greater Exclusion to disappear.


Circumstances, but very helpful when your group should travel to a location where the locals are not friendly.

Dread Ambusher:

The crucial phase of the fight seems to be the opening exchange. Inform yourself that the battle is only intended to last three rounds on average. This implies that you get an extra attack and an additional d8 damage around one of the times. That is already highly useful, but you also receive a large advancement bonus to attempt to cope with the actual damage and eliminate an enemy before it has a chance to act.

If you’re constructed for close combat, the added speed will help you move into position, but the extra strike is the true benefit. Hunter’s Mark should always be powered up before the initiative roll so that you can deal a large amount of damage in your first turn.

The Umbral Sight:

Free Dark vision is great in itself, but to become invisible to Dark vision is insane. You efficiently have Improved Invisibility because the vast bulk of creatures that will assault you with Dark vision doesn’t possess a light source. If you put out a light source, even if an enemy discovers it, you can resume invisibly killing them.

At this level, invisibility typically has a high price: it demands the highest-level spell slot, Intensity, and forbids almost all forceful actions. This doesn’t arrive with any of these expenses; it only applies when something can only view you through its Darkvision. This appears to mean that during combat, we should make each attempt to stay as hidden as such as feasible. Make every effort to make certain that each person in your party can work without light so that opponents are using Darkvision when it is practical.

It has its limitations despite being amazing. The feature makes it very clear that it only works at night. As a consequence, it is inefficient in low-light conditions (candles, etc.). It has to be completely dark. Furthermore, it doesn’t function on objects that can perceive you due to true sight, tremor sense, blindsight, etc. Dark vision alone. Possessing said that, this is one of best class features in the game under the right circumstances.

Iron Mind:

And it is always nice to have extra abilities for saving throws, especially when they’re for saves that are regularly used.

The Gloom Stalker dnd 5e Flurry:

Although it isn’t quite as effective as such an extra attack, it is still extremely useful. The core math of 5e assumes that a player who needs to follow the attack vs. AC advancement will hit to attacks roughly 65% of the moment against CR-appropriate enemies. Stalker’s Fury will consistently help you if you’re making two attacks per turn because you have a 42% chance of missing at least one attack.

Sadly, Dread Ambusher’s wording states that even when the attack Flurry provides you off of it attaches, if the additional strike from the feature misses you do not receive the d8 damage increase. Even so, we are not going to argue about free attacks.

Shadowy Dodge:

It only functions once each round so it uses up your Reaction, but that is frequently sufficient on its own. Since the Gloom Stalker thrives on being undetectable, having this ability seems to be excellent insurance in case one’s enemies maintain to attack you while neither you nor Improved Invisibility is entirely invisible.

Ability Scores for gloom stalker dnd 5e have similar restrictions for team determines to other rangers.

Str: Dump if you’re attempting dual grabbing and unwilling for using finesse weapons.

Dexterity is the class’s main data point since it drives our threats and key abilities.

Con: While introducing more hit points to any item is a good idea, this build is effective at range, so avoid the urge to squeeze it up too much.

Int Dump 

Wis: This fuels not only our spells but also several class features and other useful Scout skills. It ought to be enhanced next, but capping it is not as necessary as it is for Dex.

Cha: I’m going to talk about an edge case where, if no other members of your party can fill the role, you could very well determine to use the knowledge you gained from the Canny section of the extra class feature Deft Explorer to a Face skill. However, if you are not doing that, dump.

Dark Stalker Racing:

The gloom stalker dnd 5e does well with races that are suitable for a typical ranger. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below, but our Ranger Handbook has more.

MotM Bugbear: The adjustment to the way Surprise Attack functions in this subtype of the Bugbear is outstandingly effective. Additionally, you earn racial Stealth proficiency and Dark vision for Umbral Sight expansion. The entire thing is yummy.

Variant Human/Custom Lineage: It’s awesome to have the option to leave with Crossbow Expert or Sharpshooter to benefit from the invisibility provided by Umbral Sight.

Feats of Gloom Stalker dnd 5e:

Gloom Stalkers don’t care about having any unique abilities from other Rangers. With that said, the example builds below will show you how a few feats interact with one another.

Weapons for Gloom Stalker dnd 5e:

Hand Crossbow: You’ll see how Agent 47 doesn’t have anything on you if you use this example build as guidance.

Longbow: This is the weapon of choice if you don’t want to worry about trying to pick up the feats and desire a build with fewer buttons.

Short Sword: You can use this in melee, possibly even dual wielding it if you don’t want to attack at the range for some reason (perhaps your party lacks a primary defender and you are the only thing with hit points).

Darkness Stalker Armor:

There are no variations here, but it’s crucial to remember that since you do have shield proficiency, you can theoretically sword and board as a Ranger if you’re trying to fill in the odd melee position I mentioned above when talking about quick swords.


As a hypothetical question to see just how far I could push the new bugbear, this build initially began. The reaction is “really hard,” it turns out. You can create a character that deals more than 400 expected damage in the first turn by mixing barbarian, fighter, and monk classes.

That number grows to over 450 if you can convince anyone to hurry you. You just need one ki point and your Activity Surge to complete this. This is said to be adequate to dispatch a monster with a CR appropriate to the character before it has a chance to react.

Action Surge is obtained after a two-level drop in Fighter. Dread Ambusher’s wording indicates that it will initiate once more if you choose to take the strike action once more on your first turn. This means that on your turn, you should always use Action Surge.


Many tastes will add nice benefits if you choose to continue playing Fighter. Assault has the potential to make a truly horrible initiative flip into something that beats out your target, while Battle Master’s Precise Strike can help you execute shots you begin taking the Sharpshooter penalty on.

Predictably, Assassin rogues work exceptionally well with builds that are focused on dealing a large amount of damage in the first round of combat. It’s pretty great to take all of those several more dice and turn them into certain critical hits.

It’s also a great connection to add in such a monk (and specifically a Way of Shadow monk) if you desire to accomplish this in melee rather than using a crossbow. The Darkness spell is a great way to avoid visibility by only expected to cost two ki.

LevelFeat(s) and FeaturesNotes and Tactics
1Deft Explorer Favored FoeFavored Enemy required improvement and Favored Foe

Natural Explorer is just awful. We are very grateful

that Tasha provided us with replacement

options for both of them.

Use Canny if you need expertise in anything.

The easy choice is stealth, but a Perception

is also a feasible option.

Start taking the scale mail, two short daggers,

dungeoneer's pack, longbow, and as beginning gear.

Sell your scale mail and short swords

and replace them with adorned leather.

Over the following three levels, save 50gp to

purchase a touch crossbow.
2Fighting Style (Archery)New Spells known
(Hunter’s Mark, Goodberry)
Fighting Style (Archery) provides a fundamental

Substantial  increase in damage

(hitting items on a 6 or higher

 rather than an 8 or higher

results in 15% greater damage).

Hunter's Mark is now excellent, and it

will  get    even better when we start

getting extra attacks next level.

Then, at level 4, it'll grow even better

when we acquire more attacks.

Then, at level 5, it'll grow even better

when we acquire more attacks.

We'll use Hunter's Mark

instead of Favored Foe because it

requires concentration unless

we lose out of spell slots.

Goodberry is present in case your primary healer

falls and someone needs to be able to stand

them up again. If you already possess

two characters who can heal,

do not hesitate to replace this with Fog Cloud.
Prim(EV)al Awareness
Dread Ambusher
 No Perception choice is ideal, but

Primitive offers extra spells, which are always

 preferable to expending a spell

 point for something that will rarely be relevant.

However, Dread Ambusher is where we begin

 to connect. We instantly boost our initiative

 mod to +6, which is more than most characters

can ever achieve. In the first round of fighting,

we also receive an additional attack.

Continuing to employ the longbow

for the final level before we attain

Crossbow Expert results in a turn

when it all hits 3d8+6d6+6 for a Damage

 For Each round of 34, assuming advantages.

 Keep in mind that you are now assumed

 to also have 25 hit points.

Absorb Materials is one of the player's strongest

protective spells. It's a little sad that we can't

 use damage rider for it, but we're only

here for the resistance. But use it cautiously

 because you have very few slots and

that's valuable Hunter's Mark you're not using.
4Crossbow Experts Give the longbow to a random bystander

and begin using your pistol hand crossbow.

 Cast Hunter's Mark on one of the rats

 in your sack of rats and smash it to death

 with your fist. Stealth up to an ambush target

and use a bonus reaction to mark it

as your next target (note that this bonus action

 has no components and is therefore not

something that can be noticed). Start the fire.

Hunter's Mark and a hand bolt with bugbear surprise.

Hand crossbow with a bugbear surprise,

Hunter's Mark, and the Dread Ambusher perk.

Hand crossbow has bugbear surprise and

Hunter's Mark as a bonus action.

On the first round of combat, 12d6+1d8+9

for a total of 55 anticipated DPR
5Extra Attack New Spell Known (Lesser Restoration)Let's add  another 4d6+3

to the amount from the previous

level for a whooping 72 DPR.

For instance, a Bulette, a CR 5

bruiser monster has 94 HP.

Lesser Restoration is available in the event

that your healer becomes immobilized.

 If you already have two of these,
choose Pass Without Trace first.
6Deft Explorer (Roving) Favored Foe (damage increase)Roving is a cool skill, but because it

isn't spider climb, we'd lose our

ability to load our hand crossbow

if we tried to use it in combat. Still, it means

you'll rarely be stopped by terrain and will be able

 to scramble up to places and drop a rope down,

having knotted it in place with that

Sleight of Hand you've mastered.

Favored Foe's damage increases to match

 Hunter's Mark, so we can now employ it to free up

 spell slots. It does not transfer between targets,

so if you're fighting a lot of minor opponents,

try using a Mark instead and conserving

Favored Foe for things you'll be targeting for a long time.
7Iron Mind New Spell Known (Pass Without Trace)Picking up one of the most broken spells

in the game mitigates a very uninteresting

 class characteristic. You may now safely afford

to spend your time between encounters focused

 on being a paragon of stealth (not the paragon of stealth,
that's still an Infiltrator Armorer Artificer,
8Land’s Stride SharpshooterLand's Stride is virtually a ribbon in

terms of how few

creatures will try to stop you

 by harming the natural landscape.

Sharpshooter, on the other hand, is outstanding.

 The first bullet point means that you can now

 ambush someone from three times the distance

 with no loss of effectiveness.

This means that your attack range is practically

 just your darkvision range, which is 90 feet.

If they have it at all, it is longer than most things.

 Also, because you'll probably be hidden

when making these attacks, you'll have the advantage

 to compensate for the penalty to hit for the third bullet point.
9New Spell known (Water Breathing)Why not put that swimming speed to good use by being able to breathe underwater for an entire day?
10Deft Explorer (Tireless) Hide in Plain SightAt this level, we can also upcast Hunt

to be Concentration for an entire 8 hours,

making it the superior play over Favored Foe.

Tireless' ability to provide yourself with temporary health

 is one of the few that does not specify a duration,

 implying that it lasts until you take a long rest.

 This means you should perform it once when you

 wake up in the morning and once at the end of

each fight for as long as you have uses remaining.

Aside from that, it's not worth using.

In the second half of the capacity,

on the other hand, is incredible

if you are not allowed to sleep normally.
11Stalker’s Flurry New Spell Known (Speak with Plants)Even with the advantage, you're going

one of the four attacks you take every round.

Take another free one, please. This does not

boost your theoretical maximum damage

for a round, but it does increase your average,

 which is great. Remember that, as I mentioned

 above, the wording on Dread Ambusher means

that if the extra attack from the feature misses,

you do not get the d8 damage boost,

 even if the attack Flurry grants you as a

result of that attack missing connecting.

 I can't figure out how to use the DPR calculator

to account for this, but my rough estimate

 is that another 9 DPR or so?
12Piercer (Dexterity)Four attacks with an advantage on the first round

 give us a 34% probability of critting at least

once, and we roll a lot of dice every assault.

 Do not are-roll the initial attack because the d8

 from Dread Ambusher is the most crucial

to re-roll if it rolls low. If that rolls correctly,

 any d6 with a 1 on it during the second

 attack or later is good.
13New Spell Known (Freedom of Movement)Finally, a solution to the penalty for attacking

 You're now just as useful on the ocean as you are on land.

 Or... something like that. It is, however, our sole

 4th-level spell choice that does not clash

with focusing on Hunter's Mark.
14Favored Foe (Damage Increase) VanishFavored Foe is now superior to Hunter's Mark

 in single-target damage, but only by one per attack.

 However, those d8s are eligible for Piercers re-roll,

 so it's somewhat more than one,

 but I'll do the maths. It still has the issue of arguing

 for Concentration and not being swappable,

so I typically simply use full-day Hunter's Mark.
15Shadowy Dodge New Spell Known (Guardian of Nature)Alternatively, instead of hiding or concentrating

on Hunter's Mark, simply transform into a tree.

You now hold an advantage simply by

 having taken the penalty to attack from Sharpshooter

 even after you've already burned your Flurry for the turn.
16ASI (+2 Dex)Nothing new here, but we cap our dexterity,

which puts us 15% ahead of fundamental math

 on damage, which more than compensates

for the penalty, we suffer for Sharpshooter.
17New Spell Known (Conjure Volley)Your DC isn't amazing, but it isn't bad either,

 and many things don't have outstanding

Dex saves. Here's your solution for the Area of Effect damage.
18 Feral SensesAttack that Medusa without glancing at her.
19Resilient (Con) New Spell Known (Tree Stride)At this point, your three common saves

 are on par with or better than a paladin,

 which is a tremendous accomplishment.

If anything does find you, it will most likely

 have to take you out the old-fashioned way:

hit point attrition. Which is something we've just spent

 an entire build getting incredibly good at.
20Foe SlayerBecause Preferred Foe makes the target

your"favored adversary," Foe Slayer

works on anything you target it with.

Given that, we'll want to make sure

 we're using it on high-value large targets so we can

 (nearly always) use it for the +3 to hit to

 ensure a Sharpshooter shot connects for +10 damage.

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