Silvery Barbs on DnD 5e Strixhaven’s Most Overpowered Spell?

Silvery Barbs Spell Description

Silvery Barbs on DnD 5e is a spell that creates a field of metallic fishhooks and razor-sharp blades around the caster. The Silvery Barbs on D&D 5e do not impede movement but do deal 1d6 points of damage to any creature that moves into the spell’s area. The damage is not increased by size category. The barbs vanish after 1d4 rounds. The latest supplement Strixhaven.

The accompanying spell causes metallic items to become temporarily magnetic. A creature or object struck by the ray, any metallic armor, shield, weapon, or device worn or carried is stuck to other metal objects (including the ground) to the creature for the duration of the spell; it can still be used, but only in a limited fashion. The force of the attraction between the two objects is equal to one-quarter of the caster level (one-fifth if one of the objects is nonmetallic).

The creature can release a held object from the magnetic force with a successfully opposed strength check. The check difficulty class equals the spellcasting difficulty class minus 5 if the spell cast was an enchantment spell, or minus 10 if it was a transmutation spell. The creature can also break the magnetic force simply by touching the affected object and making a successful strength check as opposed to the spell difficulty class. A silvery barb counters and dispels a rust monster’s touch attack.

You create a mass of translucent, sticky tendrils that erupt from the ground in a 20-foot square centered on a point within range. Each creature in the area must make a Strength saving throw. A creature takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. On each of your turns, until the spell ends, you can use your action to dismiss the effect.

Silvery Barb Function:

Its function is to create limited magical effects on those it pierces. Silvery barbs is a 1st level spell that causes barbs of force to erupt from the ground, pinning down all creatures in a 60-feet-radius burst centered on a point within range. Silver barbs initially look like a powerful defensive tool. This affects the first creature that enters the area after you cast the spell if it is an enemy. For the duration of the spell, the affected creature is restrained, while creatures that enter the area are slowed.

How to use Silvery Barbs?

Silvery barbs can be used in a vast variety of conditions across the whole level range. So long as someone in the group has the spell available, your party has a greatly powerful bonus. Silvery Barb is one of the most useful spells for me in my Bard class.

The spell helps me to stun an opponent for a short duration of time and then I can attack him easily. I use it in my Bard class and it gives me the upper hand in the battle. It is very easy to use the spell and it is very effective when I use it.

Sometimes it even stuns my opponent for 2 rounds and I can perform two or three attacks in a row. The spell is a must-have for me in my Bard class, I use it every time I battle with a new opponent. I would recommend using this spell to all the players who like to play a Bard class.

Silvery Barbs on DnD 5e Counters:

Be that as it may, stand by, you have Silvery Barbs! Ordinarily, you could counter spell it (yes it’s permitted, and yes it’s essentially as senseless as it sounds), however Silvery Barbs is two spell levels lower than counter spell so it’s a less expensive answer for a similar issue, however possibly less reliable.

Silvery Barbs level Range:

At 1st level, you can cause barbs of solid force to sprout from your body, damaging and slowing those who attack you. Any creature striking you in melee with a non-reach melee weapon takes 1d6 force damage. The attacker must make a Strength saving throw against your spell save Difficulty class. On a failed saving throw, their movement speed is reduced to 10 feet until the end of their next turn.

The spell caster can cast Silvery Barbs on a target within 30 feet. This spell can be cast on one target at a time. The spell lasts for an hour and can be used only once in a short rest. While the spell is in effect, the target deals an extra 1d6 piercing damage to any target he hits with a weapon attack. Also, when the target hits a creature with a weapon attack, it causes the creature to be grappled. A creature grappled like this by the target takes 1d6 piercing damage at the start of each of its turns. The spell ends early if the grappler is outside the spell’s range or if the spell caster uses an action to dismiss the effect.

The spell is available at level 1 and has no specific range, however, it is considered a touch spell. Silvery Barbs requires the caster to make a melee spell attack. Silvery Barbs deals 2d4 points of damage and the target must succeed on a DC 12 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the target is restrained by silvery barbs for 1 minute. The restrained target can spend an action to make a DC 12 Strength check, freeing itself or another restrained target on a success.

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Uses And Abuses

Silver barbs can be used in a lot of situations across the game. So as long as the party has it, you party has the powerful asset.

Silvery Barbs on DnD 5e Material Components:

The material components of the spell are a few strands of copper wire and a piece of the fish bladder.

Silvery Barbs is a first-level Enchantment Spell:

Silvery Barbs is a 1st-level enchantment spell that creates a field of energy on a successful ranged touch attack against a creature within 30 feet. It deals 1d4 points of Dexterity damage (Fortitude save negates) and causes the target to become sickened for 10 minutes. If the target is wearing metal armor or is made of metal, it takes a -2 penalty on the save. This spell’s main purpose is to prevent movement between two points, such as blocking the progress of a foe.

Silvery barbs is a 1st level enchantment spell that can also be learned by bards, sorcerers, and wizards. A beautiful silver radiance surrounds the target creature, sharp thorns of magical energy forming an impenetrable barrier around it.

For the duration of the spell, the target creature is immune to all damage from ranged weapons, suffers an additional 1d6 piercing damage from melee weapons, and cannot be grappled, paralyzed, petrified, knocked prone, or restrained. It is used to restrain and damage an opponent, and it prevents an opponent from using any action that requires hands. This spell is cast using 2nd-level spell slots and is covered under the enchantment school.

Area of Effect: single target:

You create a barbed, silver-colored streak of energy that strikes a creature within range. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, the target takes 1d12 piercing damage and is restrained until your next turn. A creature restrained by this spell takes 1d12 piercing damage at the start of each of its turns.

The Silvery barb causes a fish hook-like barb to form in the mouth of a target that fails to resist the spell. If the target fails their saving throw, they are stuck in place. The barb can be removed by a remove curse spell or similar effect. If the target succeeds in their saving throw, they are still stuck as if a hook was stuck in their mouth, but they are not stuck in place.

Silvery Barbs on DnD 5e Addition:

Silvery Barbs is a very interesting & useful spell on dungeons and dragons. This is a 1st level enchantment spell available on Bard, Sorcerer, and Wizard classes. Silvery barb is a small spell that deals no direct damage to enemies. Rather, it creates a magical field of barbs that inflicts damage to any creature that moves through it. The spell lasts for 1 minute and can be cast in combat.

Each time a creature enters the area of the spell, it takes 2d6 points of damage. In addition, the creature must succeed on a Reflex save or suffer 1 point of Dexterity damage. If a creature is unable to move through the spell’s area, it can make a single attack against the spell’s caster. The creature deals full damage with the attack, but the spell absorbs some of the damage, negating 1d6 points from the attack roll. If the attack still hits, the spell has no effect.

Sentinel 5E DnD Feat Guide

Silvery Barb is a level one spell:

Silvery barb is a level one spell that causes fishhook-like barbs to grow in the flesh of a willing creature. The spell caster must touch the target creature to activate the enchantment. The afflicted creature gains a +1 bonus to AC but takes 1d4 points of damage each time it is struck in combat with piercing or slashing weapons (maximum of 1d4+5 points of damage per round).

The spell caster can dismiss the spell as a free action. It can also cause the barbs to grow from an unwilling target but must make a successful melee touch attack. It uses this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his or her Charisma modifier. The growth of the barbs can be halted by a successful dispel magic spell, but a remove curse spell is needed to actually remove the barbs from a creature. The spell caster cannot remove the barbs without a remove curse spell.

Silvery Barbs on DnD 5e Spell Resistance:

There are some interesting ways to use Silvery Barbarian in the game. Silvery barb is a signature spell of the silver barbarian, a prestige class that requires a barbarian level. The spell is mostly useful in high-level encounters.

The silvery barb spell makes a weapon magically icy cold. A barbarian touched by a weapon that has been affected by this spell suffers a -1 penalty to damage rolls and to the DC of his rage class ability. The spell also can temporarily blind the target, causing him to suffer a 20% miss chance on all attacks. The miss chance lasts for 2d4 rounds.

Effect: The creature is affected as if by a slow spell for 1d4 rounds:

You get to move and put something aside for delay toward the finish of the turn. You don’t get to do anything more on that turn and your spell is still half-complete. Thus, toward the start of your next turn, you have two choices – drop it or finish it with your activity.

Contrast it and development under impacts of slow. To get to your foe – you want to go 30 feet. You move around 50% of your speed – 15 feet and your development is finished. You save effectively against delayed toward the finish of turn, yet the foe is as yet 15 feet from you. What’s more, on your next turn – you want to spend your development to cover those 15 feet.

Same with projecting spells – you’ve moved your high save toward the finish of the turn, yet you actually have that portion of spell to get done and you want to spend activity on it. Furthermore, since rules don’t permit ‘portion’ projecting regularly you can’t utilize the remaining piece of activity to accomplish something different.


The spell silvery barb is really popular among all players. Assuming this is an indication of things to come for spell plan in 5e, I’m happier than any other time that I’ve taken the new leap toward D&D.

Brilliant Barbs is, most importantly, stunningly strong. There are not very many first-level spells that come near its capacity to impact a fight – damn, I’m simply acknowledging you could involve this for social experiences too!

For mercy’s sake. There is not a great explanation not to take this spell, regardless of your personality’s class, playstyle, or history, makes no difference either way. Hell, I’d say this spell alone merits taking the Magic Initiate accomplishment. It’s what could be compared to the +1 Magic Sword, and I can’t imagine much else accursing than that.

Assuming that is the manner in which you play then Silvery Barbs is the following fundamental pickup – something to worship right close to Eldritch Blast.

For every other person, nonetheless, who prefers their obscure puzzling to be secretive, somewhat peculiar, and somewhat weird? Strixhaven recently caused being a wizard to feel much less enchanted.

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