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10 best Internet DnD Character Creators

I was amazed at how long it took to build a dnd character creator when I still began playing. So let’s start with a little introduction.

But I was confused with many of the rules and the majority of possibilities, the method was considerably more complex and difficult compared to what was predicted.

Even if you’re constructing a character for yourself or a DM generating NPCs for your participants to get to know and fight, maybe a professional in DnD 5e can gain profit from a bit of help designed to streamline the procedure. Character builders and power systems can support this.

Also, they can expedite the character generation process by stuffing out figures and concentrating on critical questions. Though if you appreciate spending some time composing a new character to occupy, character builders can be beneficial sources of motivation.

But even so, there are countless great options.

This guidance receives the greatest dnd character creator within one good place.

In reality, I suggest keeping some of these for when you require their special qualities.

If you require a rapid builder or do not have time to go through the entire article, check out our following table, which relates a number of the most significant characteristics and distinctions between such top 10 online character builders.

BuilderMulticlassLevel 2+ExportableSheet/Stat BlockRandomizesCustom Options
DnD BeyondX
Dungeon Master's VaultX
 Levi Blodgett's Builder****
5e Companion
Roll20 Charactermancer

Top Online dnd character creator

  1. Aidedd Character Builder

This character maker is perfect for users who are fresh to DnD. Also, it helps to simplify the character generation process by breaking it down into simple moves that create all of the choices involved throughout creating a character much simpler.

Moreover, unlike most of the other builders here on the list, that has (and so far as I could even tell) each spell throughout every DnD handbook printed to date.

Even so, it does not come without flaws. Also, It lacks just a few elements, including several races and a few backgrounds. You can’t even accommodate it by adding special features.

However, you can transfer your character as an XML file or directly into the approved DnD 5e character chart, establishing this builder’s value for newbies.


Aidedd Character Builder Sample Output
  1. DnD Beyond

DnD Beyond is a popular dnd character creator, where you can access its great character builder with a basic account. Only the material of the basic playbooks is available, but if you’ve got the cash, it’s good enough to justify it.

Not only do you create a character with options at every stage and start generating statistics by using one of 3 methods (4d6 best 3, basic array, or point purchase), but your arising character template has access to DnD Beyond reference books only a click away.

Any referencing or item on your character chart can be enlarged to give its complete explanation, which is useful when you do not even remember how much your ruby of the War Mage is doing.

The sheet also contains a built-in dice roller, which you can use while playing! If you want, you could extract the character sheet you generate.

But the major downside is that it isn’t a good site for rapidly creating characters. In addition, you must go through each phase, which may be repetitive for multiclass characters.


  1. Dungeon Master’s Vault

This character builder contains many of DnD Beyond’s advantages but none of its weak points! It enables you to create characters at unexpected times as well as to construct your own.

However, to support multiclass higher-level characters, the site will tell you if your character is acceptable for the Adventurer’s League, which follows its own rules for DnD 5e character design. But The key drawback is that this website somehow doesn’t contain each spell, history, and subclass. What’s forgotten must be packed in manually using the welcome custom feature.

Once you’ve created your character, you could save it as a pdf as well as print it as a DnD 5e character sheet.

  1. Fast Character Builder

The Fast dnd character creator does precisely what it says. If you do not want to pick any options, then just want to go directly to the random creation.

Creating your character is also super easy; choices can be made via simple menus. Once you’re completed, you can pick one of the numerous nice choices for your final character sheet.

Sadly, the site doesn’t support all subclasses and it does not allow for multiclass characters. If you do not employ purely custom or irregular stat generation, stat tasks can also be slightly complicated.

This builder is ideal for DMs who require a quick character with little under-prespecified details.


  1. Javascript DDNext Character Generator

This is a dnd character creator generated by someone who enjoys DnD. It can seem a little enormous, but needing many options means you have a significant amount of authority in your hands.

This builder allows you to choose your stats in a variety of ways (3d6, 4d6 best 3, 5d6 best 3, simple entrance, normal array, non-elite array), as well as various homebrew alternatives that range from ability scores to device.

Although you can create higher-level 5e characters in addition to multiclassed characters, this builder does not include every DnD option, so you cannot always personalize your options. The homebrew possibilities that still do occur are outstanding, but they are confined.

The user interface may also be a little troubling; there are helpful arrows, but just don’t assume that simply because an option is grayed out implies it can’t be chosen. Based on your selection, this builder recommends certain possibilities over others, which I particularly like.

This is a good builder for conducting experiments with character options or searching for inspiration, but since it only produces your character “sheet” as a list of text, I don’t suggest it as a rapid option.

  1. Levi Blodgett’s Character Generator

One of my favorite dnd character creators, this generates a fully responsive DnD 5e character sheet. After trying to make any appropriate changes, then save it as a PDF.

The capacity of this developer to rapidly create random words is where it performs best. In addition to making characters that seem to be purely random (or sorting for distinct classes, racial groups, or backgrounds), you may also use the “Logical Version,” which also produces characters using stats that are produced at random and sound right.

And hence, you won’t get a combatant with such a Strength and Constitution scoring system of 8; instead, the stats will just be relevant for the build.

This is one of the finest builders for a quick character due to the way rapidly the irregular generator works. But even so, you should adjust the sheet directly, which can take a lot of time if you wish to modify the character or add homebrew possibilities.

Furthermore, the randomizer didn’t generate characters greater than Level 1; you should edit the sheet straight. Even if somewhat restricted, this builder shines in its field.


  1. MPMB’s DnD 5e Character tools

Among the most extensive dnd, the character creator is accessible on MorePurpleMoreBetter. This builder is a group of builders which cooperate via MPMB PDFs.

For using them, you’ll require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can get for free. There is a reasonable charge, but it’s worth it. However, on the creator’s Patreon, complete access charges only one cent per month.

The character builder is using JavaScript to create a diverse range of sheets, along with an enhanced DnD 5e character sheet, spell sheet, and comprehensive sheets for friends, wild shapes, and also more. Even a various color option is also available!

The greatest character builder accessible for customizing your character sheets, even though it is limited to SRD material, fully supports modification.

But if you’re going to look for a tool to place your DnD 5e ideas onto paper, verify this contractor. However, this is not a character builder for newbies.


  1. Ninetale Character Builder

While also not almost as thorough as MPMB’s, the Ninetale character builder still seems to be helpful in those other ways. Furthermore, It shines at supplying relatively short and simple characters.

However, this builder’s convenient stat block is what I appreciate most about it.

Unlike some other builders, it doesn’t generate a full character sheet, but the stat block this does produce is far more practical for game superiors.

However, the lack of flexibility is my main complaint. Also, you are limited to using Level 1 characters, and unfortunately, there is a limit on the number of stat points at 15. (not including racial bonuses).

Likewise, it doesn’t contain the entire DnD 5e published content, but most character builders end up sharing this limitation. This web page falls into the category of character builders that are “restricted, but beneficial in their area.”


  1. Roll20 Charactermancer

The Roll20 webpage is well-established for inviting RPG games of all kinds and for offering DnD 5e rulebooks. Furthermore, you could use Roll20’s 5e character sheet builder if you begin (or join!) an unlimited campaign.

Even though the focus of such an entry is on their Level 1 Charactermancer, it’s crucial to remember that you are able directly to modify your character sheet to create characters with configurable skills as well as the greater level and multi-classed characters.

Furthermore, every one of these is connected directly to the Roll20 trade system, allowing you to roll dice from the sheet or create a macro that helps make use of the sheet.

For Level 1 characters, Roll20’s character creator is called The Charactermancer. For some subclasses or perspectives, it does require a few custom setups, although these are simple.

The character builder helps to simplify the creation of a character into a series of direct questions, but I particularly appreciate how it sums up your character until you’re done.

The Charactermancer captured my error when I randomly selected a competency that my background just now gave me while testing it out (that was easy to correct).

The Compendium, which is another component of Roll20, includes numerous DnD 5e regulations and features. This implies that you typically aren’t required to physically edit anything at all when going to add capabilities, items, spells, as well as other things to your character sheet. They just fill up themselves!

The biggest limitation of Roll20 would be that your character sheet cannot currently be exported. I don’t remember this so much, though, since you can roll the dice and play an entire election on the website.


Roll20 CharactermancerRoll20 Charactermancer Output-1Output-1

10- 5e Companion

The 5e Companion App is the last and yet certainly not least. You didn’t believe that we could completely ignore apps, did you?

But you’ll just have to admit that such an app has everything you want to create your 5e character and much more. In contrast, you love the adaptability of a 5e character builder app or hate that you can’t even access your sheet on your mobile.

The simple design of this app makes this initially complicated to use, but when you get a hold of it, you’ll discover a wealth of background material. This app has more than a character builder; it also contains a list of spells, creatures, and other things.

Even though the character builder is slightly small to accommodate on your phone, it does nearly everything that you could potentially want from a character builder. The not only has as far as I could tell) all of the text content, it’s also simple to add your unique skills and spells. While it doesn’t offer as quick character random assignment as a few of the websites on this list, it does include randomizers.

However, it loses a feature that would allow the user to extract their character sheets from certain other apps. This makes the builder more useful for reference than for playing.

Even so, this builder is enormously beneficial for DMs who create numerous characters and might use a handy organized list.


5e Companion App Output

This is It for Now!

In conclusion, for DnD 5e, there is numerous excellent and much fewer dnd character creator available. After all, constructing a builder who controls everything for you can be going to be difficult.

However, a good builder also keeps leaving some stuff up to the individual, and all these builders strike the right balance between constructing all the small details of a character that are highly susceptible to being ignored and removing enough space for motivation to grow.

These builders, or at least one among them, can help you with anything you require.

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