Destructive Wave 5e Guide A Guide to Using The Spell

Destructive Wave 5e: Spell Casting Time 1 Action Mechanics and Guide

What is a Destructive Wave?

The damage-dealing spell Destructive Wave is of level 5. A blast of energy is released by the caster from their current location, it unleashes the burst of energy, damaging nearby monsters with thunder and either necrotic or radiant damage. Those they do select do not suffer any damage; instead, they can choose which creatures must attempt the saving throw.  Anyone can cast it. Destructive Wave is a spell that only Paladins can cast as a basic class.  Paladins have a lot of exiting and underused spells in their arsenal. They won’t obtain it before however, they have their initial five-level spell slots when they are level 17.

Destructive Wave is a level 9 spell that is available to Tempest Domain Clerics and is included in their enlarged spell list. Bards will receive it at level 10 with their Magical Secrets feature one level later.

Damage/Effect:Thunder, necrotic, radiant, and vulnerable
Range: Self (30-foot sphere)
Attack/Save: Constitution
Duration: Instantaneous
Level: 5

Spell Information:

You make contact with the ground, releasing a surge of heavenly energy that spreads from you. Every creature you pick must pass a Constitution saving throw or suffer 5d6 thunder damage, 5d6 radiant damage within 30 feet of you, or 5d6 necrotic damage (you choose), and be knocked prone. If a creature makes a successful saving throw, the damage it sustains is reduced by half and it is not knocked prone.

5th Evocation, Damage, Thunder, Necrotic, Radiant, and Control

Level: 17 Paladin, 9 Tempest Domain, and 4 Bard (10, Magical Secrets)

Materials: No.

Any within 30 feet of yourself, the total number of targets

the d6 die type

5 dice total.

Necrotic, Radiant, and Thunder Damage

Protect: Constitution

Damage After a successful save: 50%

Condition Status: Prone

Duration of status: one turn

No effect from the cover

Having no advantages

Zero drawbacks

When and where should I cast it?

You can utilize it to do a lot of damage to adjacent foes. It works wonders for getting rid of hordes of minor foes or any extra enemies that may be present during boss encounters.

What justifies my taking Destructive Wave?

A powerful 5th-level spell is a Destructive Wave. Given that it deals with many types of damage and that the damage is relatively significant, it can be used with good efficiency against a variety of adversaries.

Its raw strength as a level 5th spell is great and should not be undervalued by those who can utilize it, even if it cannot be upcast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a Destructive Wave have an impact on birds?

Yes. The favor is a little unclear because you have to “hit the earth.” However, the accompanying energy blast damages everything in a sphere around the caster, even flying units.

Does Destructive Wave require a line of sight?

No. As worded, it makes no difference if the caster can physically see the creature as long as the caster is aware of its presence.

Is it possible to upcast Destructive Wave?

No, the maximum spell level is 5.

Does a Destructive Wave produce sound?

Yes. Thunder is concussive and produces a loud sound.

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